Georgia has 8000 vintages under her belt, but not much more than 8 years of exporting to the UK market. Until 2006, the majority of Georgian wine was exported easily to eager markets in Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe, where Georgian wine is long famous and highly prized. In 2006, Russia banned imports of Georgian wine. It was seen at the time as a body blow to the Georgian wine industry, but (typically) the Georgians found triumph in disaster. Since 2007, Georgian winemakers have been focused on new export markets.

In the last 2 years, the availability of Georgian wine in the UK has soared, as major importers add Georgian wines to their portfolio, and as wine merchants, and online and physical wine shops stock Georgian wine. The diversity and range of Georgian wine available in the UK is expanding rapidly. If you have any queries about where to find Georgian wine, please get in touch.

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Vitlen Wine

A young, family-owned importer, Vitlen Wine offer a range of classic Georgian wines, from varietal Saperavi to famous appellations including Mukuzani. Order from their online store, or visit them at…

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VSF Shop by VSF Wine Education

“VSF” stands for “Vin Sans Fin”, a wordplay in French meaning “wine without end”. We are a group of wine and spirits aficionados eager to share our enthusiasm for wine,…

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Waitrose Cellar

UK stalwart importing Georgian Wine. Waitrose offer just one wine, a new addition to their range, a Georgian Saperavi called Orovela. Selected stores and online.

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Winebuyers is an exclusive online wine club with a simple mission: to bring wine into the 21st century. We do this by connecting producers and specialist merchants directly to wine…

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